Throughout the history of the United States Marine Corp, Navy Hospital Corpsman have proudly served besides members of the Marine Corps. These Corpsman have been specially trained in advanced field first aid  and are familiarized with Marine tactics and tradition while attending Field Medical Service School. Upon successful completion of this training Corpsman become a part of  the Fleet Marine Force and can be assigned to a Marine Corps unit.

In recondition for their role with the USMC the LEATHERNECKS MOTORCYCLE CLUB accepts those FMF Corpsman who meet certain requirements as members in the association.

Members of the  LEATHERNECKS MOTORCYCLE CLUB feel that since some Corpsman shared the hardships of combat with the Marines in various theaters of operations, they too "belong to the USMC", and therefore qualify for membership.

I have been ask to "head up" the Corpsman section of the Leathernecks MC, and it's my  role in the club to screen Corpsman applicants for membership. According to the criteria established by the club, a Corpsman MUST meet the following requirements in order to be considered for membership.

1) Successfully complete Field Medical Service School.
2) Provide verification of service with the above.