Leathernecks Motorcycle Club

...The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club is NOT an Outlaw Club, but a family orientated Club that brings together those that have TWO very special interests in life. The love for the Corps and the love for getting our face in the wind with our motorcycles beneath us.

...The Members consist of a very special breed of person. In most Military Services, you can be all that you can be. But the Members of this Club had joined the Marines and found themselves being more than ever thought possible. Any single Marine has a very special bond and loyalty to other Marines that even a Marine finds hard to explain, but never finds hard to implement. In fact, it comes quite natural. And when you combine this bond with the love of motorcycling through the beauty of mother nature, in the country we would die for and in those countries of our beloved Allies, you've created a breed of person, like no other.

...Our Members consists of Presently Active Duty Marines and FMF Corpsmen. Also Former Active Personnel of the same, which are now from all walks of life. We have many who work in the areas of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement. Many who are Truck Drivers, Carpenters, Plumbers and Mechanics. Those that are in every Professional Career you could think of. All are either Active, Released, Retired or Disabled Veterans, whether they participated in a Theater of War or not. We are the single most, laid back, yet motivated, get together and have a hell of a lot of fun Motorcycle Club you will ever see, for the Marine, FMF Corpsman and their family members and friends.

...The type of machine that we ride? All makes and models! Foreign and domestic. Two and three wheelers. And those with sidecars too. It isn't the type of machine that counts, it's the fact that we are Marines, with the love for the lifestyle of motorcycling in common.

...Each Chapter will dictate what it is that they would like to do in their areas. Toys for Tots, Helping Veterans Organizations, Helping their Communities, Disaster Aid and Relief, etc.. It will be only limited to the Chapters motivations and imagination. The only REAL Mandatory action of this Club, is what already comes natural. The courteous and respectful presence of those Marines and FMF Corpsman that are dedicated to our Country and to the Corps. Leaving all who meet us, with a lasting impression of pride in those that are, and were at one time, active members of the only Elite Military Force that exists. Who fought for others and kept this country, we so dearly love, free and safe from aggression.

...If these are the attributes that you have as well, and you would like to hook up with those that possess these same special feelings and interests, click on one of the buttons below. We have been waiting for you...the Few...the Proud!


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